Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jupiter Inlet Colony - Oceanfront Home here we go

So this week is going to be interesting, we are moving to the ocean!! Jupiter offers some amazing oceanfront homes. Jupiter Inlet Colony is a great small oceanside community in Palm Beach Florida.

We are moving to the ocean in a few days. This is going to be a great location to be for the summer with the kids. I will let you know how our amazing summer turns out in our beautiful Jupiter Home.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Jupiter Homes Jupiter Real Estate

Jupiter located in Palm Beach Florida is a beautiful city in South Florida. Jupiter offers great beaches, restaurants, and waterfront homes. Jupiter Island offers some of the highest end homes in all of the Unities States. Jupiter offers miles of unaltered beach for the people and public to all.

Jupiter offers great country clubs communities, such as Admirals Cove, Jonathans Landing, Loxahatchee Clubs, and Jupiter Hills. There are great neighborhoods such as Egret Landing, Paseos, Abacoa, Botanica, and so many more. There are great waterfront areas such as Jupiter Cove, Jupiter Harbour, Ocean Trail, and Jupiter Yacht Club.

Jupiter is a great place to live or vacation. If you are looking for a great Jupiter Home, look no further then Distinct Estates to show you the way.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens Realtors and Homes Sales

No one ever said finding a home was going to be easy. You have to look at twice as many properties and worry about if what your buying is going to be worth less the day you close. That is why it is so important to get a realtor that knows the area, someone patient, and knows how to listen to what you want in a Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens Home.

Agents at Distinct Estates are all of that, they know there market, they understand this is a huge decision and they work hard at finding you the perfect home. When looking around, if you need a good Palm Beach Florida Realtor. look no further then Distinct Estates as we don't hire our agents unless they are 110% committed to knowing there market and helping there clients.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have found the answer to all of our Real Estate Problems

As a real estate agent I am often asked how I see the market in the next year.. Wow, I wish I knew, I see a lot of transactions happening and a lot of scared buyers. Working in this business for the last 7 years, I have seen high times and I have seen the lows. Right now in Florida especially in South Florida we have a glut of property on the market and we have a ton of people coming and wanting to buy, but fear is what holds the market back. What creates less fear, less inventory, we have learned it is not lower interest rates..

The is the first time I have seen people with money, people who could afford big homes not just getting what they want... They are waiting for deals as the reason they now have money, but at what point do you just give up and get what you want.. A new product comes out, you say I have the money but want to wait for the sale, and the sale just doesn't happen, and then you just can't wait anymore... When do we hit that point?

In real estate does that point happen? In the Palm Beach area, I see many sellers hold steady on there price, they are firm, when does firm take them of them off the market, or even better find them an amazing emotional buyer. So when does this market change, when will banks do principal reductions so people aren't paying for something that no longer has value, when will short sale be over?

Anyone that is willing to sell as a short sale, give your keys to the bank, no bank fess this way. Anyone that wants to stay, do a principal reduction with the understanding if values go back up the life of the loan so can the principal, loan value goes with market value and can be reduced every 3-5 years.. They do these types of GAP insurance policies on cars, where is my GAP home reductions policy?

Hey maybe thats the answer, GAP insurance on home loans, the answer to al our problems, NO more fear, no more hesitation, add a point, point and a half to the loan for SECURITY...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jupiter Homes and Communities

Jupiter located in Palm Beach Florida offers some of the best communities in all of South Florida. Whether you are looking for a Jupiter Vacation Home or a Year Round Jupiter Home, there is something for everyone.

Jupiter homes include communities like, Abacoa, New Haven, Valencia at Abacoa, Egret Landing, Paseos, Mystic Cove, Palm Beach Heights, and Mallory Creek. These communities offer social lifestyles with something for the entire family. Most offer community playgrounds and social activities.

Jupiter Country Clubs include some of the nicest real estate in all of the US. Admirals Cove Country Club, The Bears Club, The Ritz Carlton, Jonathans Landing, and The Loxahatchee Club all offer high end hopes with amazing golf courses and Country Club Jupiter Lifestyles.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Palm Beach Gardens Homes

Palm Beach Gardens offers great country club communities. These country club communities include; Mirasol Country Club, Frenchmans Reserve, Old Palm, and Old Marsh.These communities offer great locations close to some of the nicest restuarants, the Palm Beach Garndens Mall, and Downtown at the Gardens. They also ofer easy access to the West Palm Beach Airport as well as City Place and the Karvitz Center.

Living in a Palm Beach Gardens Home, you are close to everything and living the great South Florida lifedtyle with beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, and great people!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Admirals Cove Jupiter Homes and Country Clubs

Admirals Cove located in Jupiter Florida is a beautiful community located in the heart of Palm Beach Florida. Admirals Cove offers a beautiful marina, restaurants, pool, fitness center and spa, golf course, tennis courts, and beautiful pro shops. Admirals Cove is one of the few waterfront country club communities in all of South Florida. Admirals Cove offers many great ammenties and many ocean access homes as well as villas and golf course homes.

Located in East Jupiter, this great location offers easy acces to the beach, great dining, and shopping. Jupiter is just North of Palm Beach Gardens which has the Palm Beach Gardens Mall, Downtown at the Gardens, and Midtown for all your shopping and dining need.

If you are looking for a great location, great waterfront country club community, look no further the Admirals Cove.